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Electricity saving box is used in both residential and non-residential premises. Most often it is used in apartments and houses, in office premises, etc. The operational principle of the Electricity saving box is proven in practice and is not a matter of doubt. According to the laws of physics, there are two types of electrical energy in our power grid. One is called active, and the other is reactive. For the operation of electrical devices at home and at work only the first type is used. The second is wasted on the creation of electric fields, warming up the wiring and on other useless aims. Usually meters count both types of energy together, so it turns out that we pay for kilowatts that are useless for us. Electricity saving box converts most of the reactive electricity into the active one and thus reduces costs. Electricity saving box saves from 15 to 40% of electricity!

The real appearance of the product may differ from the image presented on this website. The product can be customized according to your needs.

Product form/Packaging
Power Supply / Nominal voltage: 90V-250V. Nominal frequency: 50 Hz-60 Hz. Operational temperature: 15 ~ 60 ° C. Operating load: up to 15000W (15KW). Dimensions: 120 * 70 * 35 mm (L * W * H)
Mode of application
Connect the device to the first outlet located on the line going from the electric meter. This will allow to get more reactive power.